sister winter; a frozen playlist
part 5 of a princess series
this playlist is half comprised of scandinavian artists, in homage to the setting of the film.


1. hoppipola - sigur ros 
(translated) smiling, spinning in circles / holding hands / the world is a blur / except when you’re standing 
2. men of snow - ingrid michaelson 
one day you will know we’re men of snow / we will melt one day / and winters come and my love, winters go
3. big girl little girl - sia 
i know you’re mad, you’re on a war path / you know you don’t want to bury more / friends, i wish we could be friends
4. the fairest of the seasons - anna nalick 
it’s now i know, do i stay or do i go? / and it is finally i decide / that i’ll be leaving in the fairest of the seasons
5. maybe you - say lou lou
if you’ve got an emptiness inside / we should let our worlds re-collide / and even though it hurts sometimes / it was always true
6. winter is all over you - first aid kit 
don’t leave this world to me / when the winter calls to war / when the spring sets in once more / when the summer starts to sing / when the fall comes marching in / you’ll leave this world to me
7. only human - fallulah 
i’m looking the part but i’m lacking the heart / is there a reason that i shouldn’t tell you right from the start? / don’t come near me, i am only human
8. sister winter - sufjan stevens 
but my heart is returned to sister winter / but my heart is as cold as ice
9. february air (acoustic) - lights   
my arms get cold in february air / please don’t lose hold of me, out there
10. go do - jónsi 
you wish your fire would die and turn colder / you wish your love could see you grow older / we should always know that we can do anything

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